The perfect spot

De Maaskantine provides you with the perfect spot for your birthday bash, corporate work event, or casual affair. Our holiday-inspired canteen is born out of our love for beach-oriented restaurants. We combined colors, quality, and relaxation to make de Maaskantine the perfect spot for every occasion!

We believe in old-fashioned parties, like the kind you used to see in classic movies. Our team hustles around to refresh your drinks and supplies your guest with yummy snacks and party favors. You give us direction, and we gladly take the reigns. Our host will keep tabs on everyone and everything, so you remain the center of attention. We’ve created a few different group menus (Hamburger Party, Carnivore Deluxe, Vega(n) Delight, and/or New England Clambake), to compliment your event and perfect your experience.

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